Palmabel - Indústria de Artigos de Madeira, Lda

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can place an order?
R: You can make an order preferably by e-mail to or by fax or phone. If it is the first time that places an order, please contact Palmabel to know what are the conditions of sale.

Q: Palmabel have any catalog?
R: The Palmabel has a catalog that can send by e-mail and to receive only must to request by e-mail indicating: the name, address, contact telephone and taxpayer number.

Q: The orders have to be raised only at the company?
R: No, we also sent orders for carriers, with payments to the collection or pre-paid by bank transfer.

Q: Palmabel also sell to individuals?
R: Yes, we also sell to individuals but will have to contact the Palmabel to know what are the conditions of sale to individuals.